Considerations for moving contract

Signed before moving, first to identify moving workers arrive at the number of services and number of cars, and to determine the location, removal of dates and handling time. If select package way, will marked handling items of content, contracts Shang also to indicate moved Shi need hiking of distance, best first reserved parking spaces, to avoid increased hiking distance of charges; to special note moved company of pricing way, reported of price whether containing tax, and determine models total heavy and the items Mount of height, and and moved company coordination items loss   Bad Shi of processing principles. If the selected day is moving day for moving companies to determine as soon as possible, to avoid effect move late to check in time, can take the initiative to provide compensation for being late, most   be sure to confirm that the contracts are properly covered after moving company size.

&Nbsp;    signed before moving, moving company charges a deposit, should not exceed the carrying amount of  10%; for receipt of deposits are to be documented in the contract, in order to avoid future disputes that have been charged a deposit or not.