Move approaches

Whether it is your own handling of dangerous goods or moving company, some items are embargoed, must deal with separate handling, dangerous goods   including any inflammable or erosion and explosive materials, such as paint, paint thinner, Nail Polish, nail polish remover, gasoline, motor oil, cleaning solvents, bleach, pest control agents. &Nbsp;

2, valuables and cash, precious jewelry, books and other valuables must be carried.  

3, various types of little things   Jewelry and other odd little thing can take advantage of moon cake box, as long as the tape can.  

4, suitcase pajamas and toiletries and other belongings into the luggage compartment, very convenient.  

5, quilts from light to slower powerhouse overlap, then the quilt from the top down tight, and never put breakable in the quilt.  

6, clothing lingerie on the bottom, dress, folded into boxes overlap, lightly wet clothes, Shanghai moved fur coats and other clothing can be placed on the tea box from moisture.