How to save on moving costs

&Nbsp;     on the market there are no qualifications illegal moving company moving services, some companies don't even have a formal Office, also pass   ad pretending to be official moving company contract business, if there is a problem, official moving company listed on the customer to advertising enquiries, only to find that their vehicles are not the company that provides moving services.   This, it is recommended that customers:  

first, pay attention to whether the moving company has an official Office, should go to its official offices to review its business license, it must have to run the project "moving and transportation services" of a formal qualification but moving services moving company.  

Secondly, to check a valid service contract. In accordance with the relevant provisions, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of move and support Parties, moving and transportation business and customer shall sign a valid service contract, service contract model managed by the transport agency unified   developed. Which should including methyl b both agreed of time locations, needed of models, and methyl b both agreed of moved way, and methyl b both agreed of service price, and party proposed of service project and requirements, and b made of about clothing   works commitment, and precious easy loss items in handling process in the both of responsibility defined, and party requirements claims matters of according to, and b completed moved transport service work of delivered time, and methyl b both common agreed of other service project,. In this way, you can avoid disputes arising from the oral promise is not clear, to avoid the interests to be protected on both sides of the problem.  

in addition, valuable fragile items to pack in advance packing. Road transport authorities prompted the majority of customers, in the process of moving, packaged goods packing should be as early as possible, write the number on the box, in order to check when loading and unloading, so as not to favor   lost in the chaos. For valuable fragile items should be sealed by both parties before the common view of a sealing, transport to a destination and then open view together, so as to avoid responsibility for the damage is difficult to say disputes.