Moved fortune and ward off evil spirits

  In real life, there will always be several moving experience. When moving large furniture to small debris, need for better arrangement and custodial care. The comforts of home, is not only the Foundation of family life, will bring good fortune and good luck. Moving is really makes people worry about things, but if not then seriously, then it is possible for you to have some effect. &Nbsp;

move, what you should pay attention to fortune and ward off evil? Folk custom of moving different there are differences from region to region. Move according to practices in different areas get various items, but generally speaking, the following things are essential:

1, rice: rice barrel, eight full

2, red envelope: placed on top of m barrels

3, and her new broom: tied red cloth

4, water: water bucket to three points over

5, the dishes: even the best and put them in buckets in the

6, furnace