How talking and moving company moving

How to communicate with moving companies can get better service, moving to find moving companies, so how can I find the right moving company, how can I not when you move and moving company communication is not in place there to ask, as a moving company, I now give you explain 1. first tell movers where to move to, where

2. tell moving company moving floor to floor (elevator to clear)

3. move the two sides moving companies wagons could open to the door of the unit (moving company commonly known as the two sides have the distance)

4. Overview of home's big-ticket items

5. If there is no bulky items when you do not have many things and moving company stressed that such move available at a discount

6. If the community moved to this community the best find moving company near your community, and that moving companies reduce costs and moving expenses also will reduce the number

7. long distance moving best tell moving company about the way such as Nanjing moved to Shanghai, you can say there are 300 kilometers