Yuanguluzhai moving company bidding war

&Nbsp;    yuanguluzhai shall be met, in order to consult the price thing is Mr Wang before called several moving companies phone, he doesn't remember and several moving companies agreed to move on Sunday morning. 8:30 A.M. moving company in Nanjing on Sunday came to the Wang family, began moving the furniture to cars, just moved a few wardrobe, another moving company in Nanjing. Met peer friends and the other moving companies don't have something nice, let moving companies continue move, later moving company said don't move, the family and we made a deal. First moving company is not a good word said, "and you say you move, they told us we had moved. "There is not much, enough to move out. Later moving companies see nothing to move (that is, without money you make). What car they move down, that two moving company yuanguluzhai met and beat up.

     the last King in order to resolve the conflict between the active pay later the moving company to go, Wang knew it was his fault, his Advisory the day before and moving company did not say when prices, resulting in two moving companies blamed for his move. To apologize to a moving company before also gave 100 Yuan.

     the main reason for this contradiction is because the tenants in the move, the company did not coordinate the leading moving companies fought the main reason, had to spend unnecessary removal expenses, give everyone a heads up here, if you move, be sure not to find two moving companies at the same time to help yourself move, that would give the enemy to create conflicts.