Encounter the black moving company slaughtered

  Encounters black can only be moving company moving company slaughtered. On Saturday, want to move Mr Zhou called several moving companies in the telephone, and offer more 500-600 million. Subsequently, he found a claim to be "low cost, high quality" of the "East Sea" moving companies, their price is 400 Yuan, Zhou felt cheap, made an appointment with this company. Unexpectedly, the move towards the end, 4 porters plus mileage fees, floors, artificial, 2000. Workers for weeks Mr carrot and stick, even threatening. Mr Zhou fear new trouble in the future, the last bargain paying 1800 Yuan, much more than the original reserve price of 1400 Yuan. Found black moving company can face is ripped off. &Nbsp;

reporter in the city moving Committee learned that moving haulage vehicle depreciation, space, fuel, maintenance, labour costs and other factors integrated cost accounting, the so-called 168 and 268 such low prices is clearly not in line with the price law. Fake formal black moving companies are often at a low price as bait, face after people take the bait.

moved Chang Professional Committee, reminded members of the public, moving business is different from market transactions, moving people happen to tend to have client families, new home address and valuables, and privacy leaks, if cheap, irregular black move, also may leave future safety risks. City police have smashed a number of unscrupulous elements move after master customer trend, opportunistic theft, robbery or assault or to events.

wanted cheap, instead of the black moving company to 1400. "Mentioned a few days ago were tricked into experiences, people, Zhou is still very angry. This reporter has learned, now black moved back up, often at cheaper prices as disguise fool consumers.   Black moving company "rip-off" phenomenon is not a second appearance, hope that the departments concerned in time management.