Make money free "removal" technique

&Nbsp;   We all know that moving to pay someone to move it. "Move" think free is to know some tricks, master the skills transfer can make money free "move". Currently bank transfer in many ways, Bank, online banking, telephone banking, mobile money transfer, are manifold, and banks in order to repay customers, also have launched promotions. Reporters asking after some found, as long as the remittance who master certain skills, still can make money free "move".

     at present, using the Bank's online banking, telephone banking and the city and long-distance lines, interbank transfers and remittances, free of charge. Bank to provide free transfers or withdrawals, are dot fewer banks in the Mainland, however, its Internet banking free inter-bank remittance and bank card free bank teller functions, so that in the Mainland, or anytime, anywhere for free transfers or withdrawals.

     certainly, above Bank although transfers and withdrawals free, but on daily funds are has must of requirements, or will produced must of account management fee, as East Bank provides, for puka, daily assets (including financial products) in 5000 Yuan above, can from account management fee; if daily assets in 5000 Yuan following, is each months to buckle 10 yuan of account management fee. And ping an Bank said, puka, average daily balance of 1000 Yuan per month, will be excluded from the management fee if average daily balance of 1000 Yuan per month, you will need to charge 2 Yuan a month in management fees.

    some joint-stock banks and foreign banks ' outlets less defects, in order to attract customers, during the Spring Festival period, also launched a free transfer function. For example, Bank of East Asia said, remittances through banking online bank of East Asia, whether it is an inter-bank remittance, also was remit can be free; the Bank's debit card holders in mainland China UnionPay on any ATM withdrawals per month ago 15 are available for free. And East Asia, said as long as the transfer of funds of more than 50,000 yuan, his debit card, to the counter of the Bank of East Asia, can free him on account of the funds into the Bank of East Asia.

     money free "move", but still want to learn some skills, I hope you help "move" must master the skill of me.