Contradiction of movers is a thief, refuse to pay moving expenses

&Nbsp;    movers is a thief, refuse to pay moving expenses that occurred after a series of problems, took place on the day of moving. Obtained from the police confirmed that Ms a Porter took Coke's two cell phones, they have to carry out the punishment. After investigations, police did not find Coke from the moving company ladies lost their third phone. Afterwards, Ms Coke dissatisfaction with the moving company services, refuse to pay removal costs, the moving company only pulled away a car on all items.

     events is this: "at that time, the two moving vehicles, have three young boys and a self-proclaimed boss surnamed Zhang. "Coke said, boys work very quickly, and soon put the stuff onto the car. Dang these things was shipped to Nanjing Jiangning, Porter to upstairs moved things Zhiji, she note home in the table Shang put with of one value more than 1000 more than Yuan of phone missing has, was find to Zhang boss let its asked Porter whether see, which one Porter admitted in South di camp moved Shi, took has home in the of two Department phone, back to has Coke ladies, but denied see had table Shang of this Department phone. So, char lady called the police. Police came again, but things have been moving company towed, because the customer is not for moving expenses.  

    "car has two large bags of clothes, a desk, hundreds of cardboard boxes and some laundry products worth thousands of Yuan. "Coke said that afterwards, she immediately contacted her boss, offered to pay removal costs, require a boss to return all items in the cart. The boss sent a text message, said putting stuff in Hui Tong near, let her get it yourself. After she passed, and found that only some laundry products, no other. On July 16, coke said that she was going to sue the company.

such of things is will occurred is because moved company of not is responsible for, I think fault party is moved company and not customer, stole has things of moved company Porter should get punishment, as refused moved fee is inappropriate of, moved company hard of moved also not easy, should are has fault, so yihou in moved of when must to select formal of Nanjing moved company so as not to appeared such of situation.