Moving companies after the new year increase in vehicle

&Nbsp;    to Nanjing after the new year the DMV processing lorries were significantly increased, asking to know that most trucks are moving company in Nanjing. Why is there such a phenomenon?

     Nanjing moved company boss millet said: "in Nanjing do moved company 8 years has, 8 years Qian is moved company rise of when, at Nanjing city suddenly appeared has many moved company, time past 8 years has, when moved company of truck has open has 8 years also to has have eliminated of when has, so only will appeared DMV in so more handle truck Shang brand of stories has. "This is a cycle of change.

     plus roll many of the moving company in Nanjing, in order to expand his own moving company also chose this year to add to your moving company new cars. And because Nanjing now move the increasing demand of the market, current vehicles in regular Nanjing moved obviously isn't enough, it is one aspect of many new cars.

    vehicles in Nanjing moved from an overall perspective of increase reflects the development of Nanjing is swift, van on the increase in some degree of Nanjing urban transport must be tested, hope that moving companies in Nanjing in Nanjing, new cars but also to comply with traffic laws.