Moving companies talking about long-distance running in Nanjing

&Nbsp;    Nanjing moving company regularly ran long-distance move, in order to provide better service to the general public, Nanjing moving companies through the network to collect, collate, and learning at the same time, share it with everyone! Know some more knowledge not only to long distance running's security must be guaranteed also to enrich themselves, learn to run long distances.

before the 1, ran long, check before driving to work no less, appearance depends on air pressure of the tyres, brakes to try, before entering the high-speed to listen engine sound.

2. ran long in the fast and be sure to wear your seat belt, after the co-pilot had, as long as it is something best fixed on the car, or car, crashed down, affect the driver's attention.

3, run a long time as long as there are conditions, some in the middle lane, about 10,000, about has room to maneuver. Secondly, beware of the other lane tire size car crossed the guardrail in the middle of forming head-on impact, in all accidents, because the impact is most intense, the most severe.

4, bulk is a forever pain the car on the freeway, with bigger cars must keep a distance to prevent cart sudden lane changes, tire and fell.

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