Moved accidental blood lessons

&Nbsp;     what line have accidents, only in work very carefully in order to reduce and prevent the occurrence of accidents. Relocation moving company that helps Street building materials market in Nanjing when blood see the occurred incidents.

     day 3 o'clock in the afternoon, moving companies using when the crane was lifting a large gray containers, moving several other teacher climbed the blue container, hold the gray container, prepare next grey container fixed to cart away. At this time, hang a white container flew off a corner of the steel wire rope, blue container on the container inclined hit, workers standing in the blue container is too late to react. "Only heard ' bang ' sound, someone had called an accident. I quickly ran over and saw two workers being knocked down gray-white containers, fell down from the blue container top and another worker had been heavily gray container below. ”

     then watch people have crowded the scene, cordoned off by the police, not to let anyone enter. Seen from a distance, a grey and blue container on the container in a baroclinic, between two containers revealed a Red helmet. 120 medical personnel, civilian police, fire personnel, guarding at the scene found contrary to the Office staff of the street, rushed to the deceased's repeated clashes with field personnel, once blocked Shenzhen zhonghai hospital 120 ambulances took the bodies of the dead. By staff after persuasion, after more than two hours, was pulled away by ambulances the bodies to the families.

     fall out of the moving company said two injured workers rushed to sea hospital soon. Subsequently, 120 rapid rescue paramedics and firefighters rushed to the scene, firefighters lifted gray-white containers, took about half an hour to finally were rescued by workers. Unfortunately    is that the medical staff confirmed that the workers had died on the spot. "When he was down, also let out a painful sound. "The witnesses said.