Move you are commonplace to note

&Nbsp;     move you are commonplace to note, often moving must know some knowledge of moving, that can provide great convenience when you're moving. Some families for some reasons need to move frequently. Often moving was not of its own will, such as Mr King to move every year, because the work of mobilization, he generally lived 1 year in only one city to another city. Really be routine for him to move.

    Wang in these years of moving experience summed up some move often tips.

1, do not buy furniture. He moved so many years didn't buy furniture because he knew furniture removal is tricky, no furniture moving worry much.

2, but full use of equipment provided by the landlord. Mr Wang in a rented house are usually rent the landlord can provide furniture and appliances a House to live in. 3, best not to reserve some long-term service. Mr WONG in moving all these years never subscribe and provide milk, due to the move was routine, moved away, don't consider these things.

4, moving the boxes reserved for the next use. Wang knows every move the box is very useful, so after each move has put the box away with its next move.

    is not to buy furniture, to make full use of equipment provided by the landlord, not scheduled for long service, moving the boxes reserved for the next use. So Mr King in the face of every move when they are very calm, these experiences are from the moving company and summed up their moving experiences that are most useful. Want to move you can regularly use.