Nanjing urban peak time cannot be moved

&Nbsp;    many people living in the urban area of Nanjing probably don't know downtown moved for a limited time, why there are time limits? Limited time what time is it? Why can't I move during peak? How can move smoothly in the urban area to move it? Moving company provides is such a problem in Nanjing today.

why is there a time limit? Recently, the deputies members debate how to control traffic congestion, with the development of the city, arrival of the automobile age, traffic congestion has become increasingly serious, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places "the big city" increasingly, traffic jams are the highlights. Nanjing introduced morning rush hour and evening rush hour time limit to move cars into the city.

     Nanjing City move the specific time limit is seven in the morning until nine o'clock in the morning, afternoon four o'clock in the afternoon to 7:30.

     why peak could not move at all? Because trucks are not allowed into the city during peak hours moved, so you can't move.

How can move smoothly in the urban area to move it? Move should be clear before the Nanjing Road, especially during morning and evening rush hour periods for handling, so as to avoid loss of time due to a traffic jam, as well as some unnecessary troubles. In order to achieve, moving speed, the economic effects of moving, smooth move.

    of Nanjing urban rush hour can move are segments, which are explained in detail. If you live downtown so you must pay attention to the arrangement of the moving time, avoiding peak is the best choice.