College dormitory move friendly reminder

&Nbsp;    college student moving must not be careless, now college students move directly to moving company is responsible for the right to make them right, so that is bad, encounters regular Nanjing Nanjing moving companies moving companies have no formal is in trouble, either lost or broken. Now let me remind those students we should do something.

      first of all, on the move, please prepare in advance, don't wait until moving day to pack up and move, the company, often running around in circles at that time. Move two weeks ago to use their spare time more structured. Package item: bedding, books and other packaging bulky items; small odds and ends after packing, bagging and sealing as possible; a dormitory face of racks and other objects can collectively tied with rope; strengthening of fragile goods for safekeeping. Prepare for a carry-on bag, itself carry valuables, such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital camera, ID cards, student cards, and other important documents. (Notebooks, computers and other big-ticket valuables can be transient than good younger older sister Su) this is the foolproof way.

     second, the luggage cart when proceeding from North Campus, boarders will send a delegation South to vehicles in a timely manner so that and the trolley arrived at the South college dormitory, facilitate the timely identification of the luggage of their dormitory. Provided in the package must be packaged using colorful markers at the end in the box or write clearly on the prepared bag your own professional names and specific addresses of incoming South Campus apartments. (For example: move to South Campus 9#-301 House), the aim of this: even if the luggage to find owners for the time being after the South Campus, but the students can help with the luggage luggage according to the address on the luggage delivered directly into the dormitory, while avoiding luggage in front of the South college dormitory the huge scenes appear.


    Finally, when moving remember don't be selfish, with dormitories, students help each other with the class, for instance, some items to join roommate bundles, packing as much as possible from each other, share resources, save space. Another example: girls can help boys packed arrangement, boys help the girls moving goods, a dormitory has dedicated a number of luggage, a clear division of labor, foolproof, ensure a smooth move. Is also not forget after each dormitory move left one student dormitory waste sorting bag, carefully check roommates there is no pull down stuff, to guarantee, as far as possible not to lose things in school hostel in the North, but also to live a satisfactory full stop for a dormitory for two years.

      students can move very well reflect the quality of a student's problems also have capacity to properly planning common sense and more about moving it won't move in condition, students move also shows the team spirit and help each other. Want to move students and prepared to move the student must have a good look at this dormitory move friendly reminder.